In Kobe City, which is also a sister city of Brazil, the big event “Kobe Festival” was held every year until 2019. It was interrupted due to the impact of the coronavirus, but it seems to be held in 2023, so we will participate and liven up the parade.

We will participate, including children.

Energetic children who love to dance will also participate in the parade together with us. The number of participants in the parade sometimes exceeds 100 people just from our team.

Team mates and students from lessons will also participate

Team mates who participate in events and parties, and students who have lessons with us, will all participate and liven up the parade together

We have been participating for several consecutive years.

The Kobe Festival is sponsored by the Kobe Citizen Festival Association, which is a financial support organization in Kobe City. It was born in 1971 as a pioneering festival of citizen participation, and it is held in the central district of Sannomiya in Kobe City and is the largest festival in Hyogo Prefecture. This year marks the 50th parade.